Don’t hurry, this practice take time, the more you try to rush it, the more you will miss what it is actually about.... Everything has its own time.

Let everything come in it’s own time. A plant and tree needs proper time to grow under right conditions, why should we human beings be any different. To grow into yoga means growing into life, proper conditions need to be there, but when start to feel it; you’ll come to know it is real.

Don’t look for God or the Goddess outside of you. Learn to listen from within and explore a new energy within you.

A stiff body has a good potential for learning Yoga. A flexible body is usually more caught up in Bhoga.

Let life guide you by listening to your own heart.

Everybody speaks about the greatness of my father. Yes now he is great, but does anybody know what sufferings he went through in order to come to where he’s at today?

My son is a nice boy.